new digs. again.

Check it:

the south.

A few images of the South.

The old milk barn at the grandparents-in-law's.

Outside an old antique shop up the road from the house.

Grandfather-in-law, David Gier. Picked from the garden behind the house.

i'm lonely too.

Two more days til Hubs gets back. I'm house/dogsitting for friends and this poor little pathetic ball of fur is pretty mopey, too, as his owners are out at the same conference in Atlanta. Here are a couple of shots I got of André following me around the house. I must be the most boring dogsitter in all the land.

I hope I don't look this pathetic when Kyle's out of town.

i only drink coke with chinese food.

Just one pic from our most recent trip to The Farm. The photo's untouched. It's just one of over 400 of 'em. It was a marvelous weekend. More to come.

man o man.

I should've called this blog "The Monthly Update." Then, the description would have read: "Check for the month-old commentary on life that's no longer relevant."

This is the part where I say I'm sorry.

I'm coming up with a clever little template, do you see? ;)

February started out with a bang. The house was filled with 20 close friends for a Super Bowl gathering to kick off the month. I think there was a lot of laughter, a lot of passing baby Emerie around, a lot of good food, and the Revenge of the Fallen trailer on TV. Yeah, those are my short, detailed memories of that night.

<"stream of consciousness">

February was a celebration of a lot of lives. Both of our brothers had birthdays this month, dear friends of ours had their first baby, we had baby showers, birthday parties, lots of cake, anniversaries, flowers, and a lot of gatherings. Oh, and there was Valentine's Day. And the start of a huge freelance contract that doesn't show any signs of stopping. (Except it ends in June, actually) My best friend got a job in Little Rock so I can see her once a week for lunch instead of seeing her once for a few hours on a Saturday every other month. My mom is now in Georgia temporarily caring for my nephew while my sister is on TDY so I can call her at the drop of a hat because the time difference is only an hour, not thirteen. I got in a car accident. I got a new computer. I had a mini-breakdown and took a personal day from work. I worked a lot this month. I had a Sunday off from volunteering at church, which was the first time I haven't spent 5 hours up there on a Sunday all year. My vacuum cleaner broke (I'm a neat freak and we still haven't replaced it). I've met some amazing, interesting, and funny new people. We helped some friends move to a new place. I learned a great deal about what real love is. I've had some major perspective changes.

All in all, it's been an amazing month.

And I'm really looking forward to the next one. ;)

<"/stream of consciousness">

i don't like bugs, either.

Over the weekend I discovered another YouTuber, Natalie. She makes me laugh.

What's interesting about this video is that I am as equally psychotic about her irrational killer spider fear. Except I do that with all bugs. Ants, cockroaches, bees, you name it. I feel like if I squish one of those dreaded bugs, some super-secret bug signal is sent out (think a telepathic version of the Bat signal) and all of Squished Bug's homeboys will conspire to crawl into my nasal cavity in my sleep.

I should stop watching YouTube.

dance part deux.

He's back. And he still makes me laugh.