a month overdue.

A few things have happened since my last post. I, for one, did not purchase a 40 gig nano for $199. (How unfortunate, I know).

We participated in the 48 Hour Film Project. My iBook died. Kyle got a new job. I played some Frisbee. My nephew left to live in Japan with my parents for a year. Now he may be coming home. We almost made an offer on a house. And, I've slept some.

The most significant (and though I love my dear nephew) of these events has been the film. The last film I participated in making was my own, about 4 years ago. It was horrendous. It was a psychological mystery/drama/thriller about a girl who, through an odd and rare eye disease, started seeing a girl who looked just like herself. Oddly enough, it turns out to be her dead twin sister.

Don't ask.

Needless to say, "Blindsided" will not be seeing the light of day again, but our film for the 48HFP, "Goode & Ledbetter," fared much, much better. To say we made a film in 48 hours is a huge thing, especially for those involved who've never completed a film, script, in such a tight deadline. Or within a deadline at all. This was something for them to be proud of, and I'm proud of my team. To the 20 actors, and the 18 crew members. It was an amazing weekend, with little sleep and big laughs.

Our director pointed out at the Q&A following our screening that the complete lack of drama that went on during those 48 hours was nothing short of a miracle. Sure, there were hiccups and tired cranky words muttered during the writing session that lasted until 5AM, but that was the worst of it. For the other hours, we were having fun, and working as a team.

The film also made me re-examine my current position with my employer. Although there's only so much preparation that can go into a film of such a tight deadline & with specific requirements, I think I had all our ducks in a row, going into this thing. I got excited about my own potential, and felt almost suppressed during the entire week following the event. It was like coming off of a high, and plateauing into the everyday grind of mediocre work that requires much less concentration and skill. It's not like it was my current employer's fault - it was that the sudden transition was nauseating.

I've much more to say but I'll have to leave that to another post. Right now we're on "vacation" (house-sitting for friends), and we only have 3 days to savor a nice big empty house to ourselves.

Which reminds me...I want a house.

I want a house somethin' awful.


g said...

Yeah you guys need a house, my labor is on hold for that move, I might add. I liked your film, sorry I didn't make it out to see the premier. Hopefully your zombie week is going ok, it's almost halfway done :D.