sweat, bug spray, and sunblock.

That's how I smelled about an hour ago. Now I'm fresh and sweet smelling as clean laundry and daisies. ;)

This week has been a whirlwind. It was my first shoot ever to work 10-hour days, and on a project that required a lot of attention-to-detail, thinking on your toes, and being ready and available for anything that was needed. 32 tapes of footage. Countless scenes and shots. Multiple cameras. Since Sunday's 6:30AM call time to today's 8:00PM wrap, I've been working as a script supervisor/tape wrangler/PA/driver/shopper/"slater." And that last title was in no reference to Mario Lopez. ;)

I love teamwork, and I hate egos. I love it when people who are passionate about something come together and utilize their skills and talents. Today marked the end of an awesome week. The weather conditions were insane, as well. Today we shot out at a house in Mabelvale (a gorgeous back lawn might I add) in mid 90's temperatures for hours at a time. Crew call was late - 10AM - so you can imagine all of us drenched with sweat only an hour into our shoot.

It was my first time working as a part of a production company FOR a larger, much higher-grossing studio out of California. And for being my first experience, it was cake. Our director, Strath, was amazingly calm and laid back, but definitely commanded attention with his amical demeanor and Australian accent. He was very talented - and amazingly easy to work with. His wife, Marcy, was incredibly sweet, great to talk to, and equally mellow. They were awesome. As were Bob and Amy, our freelance lighting technicians and shooters. Very down to earth, hardworking, and fun to be around.

This week also gave me more insight into the joy of what I do. Every now and then, questions such as "Do I need to stay in this career field forever?" and "Should I do something else?" tend to slip into my mind. But I like what I do. I like it enough to want to do it for a living - not to the point that I'd hate to do it as a hobby, and that's a good thing.

With Ultimate cancelled for this weekend, I'm looking forward to finally settling down and doing things around the house that need to be done. For example, I've got 5 happy loads of laundry just waiting to be done. Woohoo.

I took a look at myself in the mirror a bit ago to see how much I had tanned. I say "tanned," but I really mean "how much blacker did I get?" You see, we Blasians aren't too proud of getting any darker. I don't like looking like a dark African native. I've turned a few shades darker - not too unbearable, but still, something that I won't be proud to show off. ;)

I also went to the 48HFP awards ceremony on Thursday. I was so tired at the end of that day that I almost didn't go, but it was worth it. I felt as though all the awards that were handed out were well-deserved, and Amalgamated (once again) did an awesome job with their film this year. While "Goode & Ledbetter" didn't win any awards, it did make #3 out of the audience awards of the entire 3-day screening process.

It's always nice to know that we'd make some money in the box office. ;)


cliff brannon said...

Congrats on your nominations and on ranking in the top 3 audience choice!

good camera work, choreography and editing made for an exciting and well executed action sequence in the cafe!