removing wallpaper sucks.

There are few random acts of kindness in this world. One of them should definitely be to NOT wallpaper any room in your house. I'll definitely take note of this, as I'm still picking wallpaper adhesive out from underneath my fingernails.

I've already removed all of the wallpaper from the guest bedroom, but it was the master bath that was a pain. A room not even half of the size of the guest bedroom has currently eaten up 8 hours of my life that I can never get back. And I'm STILL not done. I guess that will make its full renovation that much more glorious in the end.

In other news, I wrapped my ankle after last night's Ultimate game. I'm starting to think I should just sit on the grass and cheer. This is for two main reasons: 1) I always end up hitting the ground awkwardly or tripping or running into someone unnecessarily because I'm a total klutz, and 2) I suck. I think it's better to have an invisible Me (yes, my invisible twin should be capitalized) running around on the field. She'd be better and not be so klutzy. Anyways, even with yesterday's ankle incident, it definitely hasn't helped with me standing all day putting pressure on it whilst removing wallpaper.

Oh, and yay...tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. We've got a full schedule with anniversary activities: Kyle getting a hair cut, working on house stuff, a movie, and lunch. Not very exciting, but when you look at our gift for our anniversary - a house - everything else seems pretty small. ;)

Oh, and Kyle didn't get to take the day off like I did. Phooey.

I'm happy to celebrate 2 years of marriage with this silly man I call my husband. I'll save the sappy entry for a later date, though. ;)