when i grow up...

I had a long conversation with an old friend from Japan. What's interesting about this particular friend is that we talk about once a year, and every year we talk we're at a dramatically new place in life. Last time we spoke over the phone, he was about to leave San Antonio for San Francisco to pursue freelance and gallery work. I was starting a new job with Rizon, we had just moved in with Kyle's folks, and we had just bought a new car.

After today's conversation, I've learned he's recently moved again to the East coast to be an illustrator for a clothing company, and he learned that we now own a house (amongst other things).

It's amazing what can happen in a year.

Kyle and I, along with our friend Joey, worked on the house today after a short trip to Lowe's. Our Lowe's trip consisted of three new door lock sets (holy CRAP they are expensive!), some joint compound, and 2 sample hardware pieces for the kitchen.

As I type this, I'm sitting in our office at Kyle's parents house itching to go back to our house. "Our" house. It's 10:50 at night and all I want to do is read through magazines on the bare 27-year-old carpeted floor in our now wallpaper-less guest bedroom.

Work has been a little nuts this week, as well. It was all about putting out fires, time-management decisions and deadlines. But I guess that's just the workplace for you. It's not the industry I'm in - every job will have problems and none of them are immaculate. I've done some major thinking about where I want to be professionally (and personally) in five or so years, and this week has been integral to that. So I should be thankful.

My friend commented that I was now doing "grown up" things. If that constitutes being married, getting a house, and coming up with a rough 5-year-plan....I'm liking being a grown-up.