whew. it's really been that long, eh?

With all the updates I could enlighten my 1 or 2 readers with, the first thing that actually made me want to post was my excitement about Picasa coming to the Mac platform.

Sad, huh?

Okay, fine. I'm going to quickly skim over some highlights since my last post, then:

1) We're completely moved into our house, give or take a pair of jeans and some shirts.
2) We celebrated Christmas - it was a great holiday season! Went to Missouri to visit Kyle's extended family, then came back down and had Christmas in Arkansas.
2a) Favorite gifts: Chuck Taylor's (thanks Kyle!), Catch Phrase: Music Edition, (thanks Marquita!) a monogrammed recipe book & embosser (thanks Becky!), and $$$ (thanks Mom and Dad!)
3) We put almost all of the trim up in the main living areas (except for about 3 feet in the kitchen)
4) I got fake bangs cut and finally got my hair trimmed! Hmmm, what, only 1.5 years overdue?
5) We had a New Year's Eve and Cotton Bowl party! (Pictures are here courtesy of Mr. Alderfer, his fancy camera, and his fancy website)
6) I finally got a new text messaging package. I was hit with overages - byebye CV and unlimited medianet, hello txt msging!
7) Did I mention we got a house?
8) Had my birthday. Happy quarter century!
9) I hate paying bills.

Okay, #9 wasn't really an update. Consider it a bonus.

Elaborations on the goings-on in my life to come at a later date.