random cuteness.

I've been at it again, browsing the web, and came across some sweet little bomb-omb toys that I'd love to add as a part of my decor some day.

Prepare for your cuteness meter to explode.

Now that I've turned a quarter-century, I'm wondering when my semi-obsession with finding Mario-related objects on the internet should wear thin. In my defense, it's not like I purchase these objects and have a shrine in my house dedicated to the liking of Yoshi and Toad. But on that same token, I'm 100% most likely to watch a guitar-rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme in sheer delight. Over and over again.

Oh wait, I just found something else I want.

Guess that answers my question.


RJ said...

You are hilarious... I like reading your stuff... we did hire someone that we talked to Kyle about... he's been great so far... he's been with us for about a month.