going down with the sickness.

It seems like everywhere I turn there's some friend or family member that's coming down with something. I'm no different, I suppose. Currently I'm typing this as I'm propped up in our bed, covered in 3 layers of blankets and a robe, while it's a mere 67 degrees outside.

I don't like being sick.

It wasn't exactly the happy ending I'd been expecting after returning home from a 3-day trip, either. From the moment we left for Mississippi I was gobbling up cough drops. Our shoot-week was wrapped up not as a pretty red bow, but as a fever that developed in my co-worker's Explorer on the way back from Arkadelphia.

Have I mentioned I don't like being sick?

--Fast forward 1.5 days--

I started this post over 24 hours ago, and I'm too lazy to start a new one, and I'm technically still sick, so nyah. I thought I was up to par today, and decided to join my small group's volunteer efforts at our church's carnival this afternoon. A short hour later, I found myself absolutely winded as a human ring toss element (I wasn't being tossed, I was a target!). So I guess I'm not up to par. I retreated home, and now I'm not in bed, but going back and forth between laundry and our big red couch.

I took a few pictures, not as many as I'd like, but probably won't post until I get my model's permission. I have a particular favorite in mind that I'd like to share. Stay tuned. ;)