in sickness and in health...

Kyle's been down with the flu this week, and he's miserable. For the most part, I've been rotating between keeping to myself and tending to him, all while trying not to catch the nasties since I'm going out of town next week for work.

For example, I'm typing this on my laptop within the guest bedroom. The room I'm in is across the hall and diagonal to our bedroom, where I can see Kyle watching a movie in clear view. Drumline, to be precise.

But what brought me to post tonight was the very fact that even in the midst of his sickness, my Kyle still manages to keep his sense of humor pretty healthy. He was on his laptop watching last weekend's episode of SNL, and said that since I couldn't watch it with him, he'd put it on his thumb drive so I could watch it.

Right before handing me the thumb drive, he offers a smile.

"Make sure you scan this for viruses, since it's coming from me."