random mini-feed.

Practice makes...better?
For the past 4 1/2 weeks, I've stuck to a new, but pretty basic exercise regimen. That being said, I'm happy announce that it's getting easier to refrain from passing out after 10 minutes on the treadmill. This is pretty exciting.

Hi-ho, hi-ho
Work has been pretty decent, but I've been convinced that one of my clients is out to get me. This particular client (I'll call him/her "Bob") has the same faults that a lot of demanding, impatient people have: every time Bob needs something, it has to be right then. Right now. Five minutes ago! It's a little unnerving, to be honest. For a few months we won't hear from this client, not a peep, but it's like trying to brace yourself for WWIII whenever Bob enters the picture again and things are in full swing.

The heat...oh, this heat.
My poor air conditioner at home has been working overtime. It's a struggle just to walk out to my car during lunchtime, with this wretched, wretched heat. I miss being able to drive to work with my windows down when it's not 83 degrees at 7:45AM. I miss being able to wear sunglasses because I liked to, not because I had to. I miss....not sweating.

Reading machine
And ahhh, yes, finally, I've finished the last book of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. Finishing up this last book left me with a big ol' smile on my face. But no spoilers here. I'll be posting more on that soon.