call me irresponsible.

Okay, so not only is that an awesome awesome cover by the wonderful crooner Michael Buble', but it's exactly what I was yesterday, irresponsible. I won't spare very many details, but it sure wasn't pretty. It involved a camera, Gov. Beebe, and a disc that was already half-full. Eeek.

I tried a Kashi meal today. I've passed by their cereal boxes at the grocery store and glanced at their granola bars, but never purchased anything by Kashi until yesterday when Kyle and I decided to buy some microwaveable meals for the rest of the week. Mine was lemon pepper chicken. Not bad. Wasn't sure what to think about the rice pilaf, since I'm not used to that sort of texture, but not bad at all.

Next up: lime cilantro shrimp!

It definitely looks a lot better on the box. =o)


g said...

Anything involving the governor can be irresponsible, he is a politician after all ;-).