happy maroon 5 week.

I've heard covers of their songs on American Idol, on the radio, and they're also going to be the musical guest on SNL this Saturday. Yeah, well, I'm much more excited to see Zach Braff hosting the season finale. It's going to be great! Either that, or it's going to make me think I'm having a twentysomething-life crisis, that I should yell in the rain, and then sing a song about poo. I would love love love to see a Scrubs parody this Saturday night.

Kyle and I watched Pan's Labyrinth last night...Absolutely loved it. It captures the very idea of what I think an "adult fairy tale" should look, sound, and feel like. And it also caught me up on some Spanish I've been missing out on. =o)

It's only the middle of the week, and tomorrow feels like Friday. Today was such a beautiful, breezy, fresh-air day, and if it's anything like this on Saturday, we're going to have a blast playing ultimate frisbee. I can't wait.

Our trip to Branson this past weekend was awesome. It's so good to see family, whether Kyle's or mine. We all just get along, and we always have a good time. We are definitely blessed to have in-laws that we can laugh, argue, and joke with.

Here's one of my favorite pictures. Sweet little Callie Ann, with her big blue eyes, and my favorite blue-eyed boy.


g said...

That's a good picture, although I think kyle's met his match in wit. I can't wait to play ultimate this weekend, it was beautiful down here today too, although between the 43 patients I had little time to appreciate the weather ;-).