a break between "wows."

This week at work we're being trained by the very talented Gabe Watkins, who's very well versed in the entire CS3 suite. It's exciting and refreshing to have someone new come in and work with us through the creative process, learning tips and tricks along the way.

It's also a breath of fresh air to find someone else so fascinated with detail in design and animation - the last person I knew to be this way was my visual effects instructor at UCA. Because we're such a small company here, it's easy to skip over the details that make design and animation a challenge (like it was at UCA). You forget that you can add lighting effects, wiggles, masks and movement. You forget that you can add depth to objects with contrast and saturation. Gabe has definitely brought me personally to a new way of analyzing a visual canvas.

And the man is what, 29? He's awesome.