all-in-one gadgetry. hmm.

So for the past few months I've been entertaining the thought of getting a new cell phone. My cell phone with AT&T has technically been upgradeable since the last time my contract expired - Kyle & I did an upgrade through Wirefly and apparently my phone/number didn't take. So I can still upgrade. That, and with a business discount on cell phones through AT&T makes it tempting to upgrade at a moment's notice - whether I need to or not.

Right now I'm pretty satisfied with my LG CU500. Granted, other than the fact that my initials lead the model number (neat!), it's a pretty decent phone. Lots o' contacts: check. MP3 player: check. Expanded memory through MicroSD: check. Sound quality is not bad, and after buying a data connection cable and hacking its annoying ascending ringtone - it does its job pretty decently for a cell phone.

And that's exactly it. It's a cell phone.

When Apple debuted its iPhone (or rather, when Apple debuted "iPhone" - geez), it was a little hard to not do a double take. It's a sexy little phone/web browser/mp3 player/calendar/emailing/whatucallit. So are Treos. And so are Blackberry cell phones.

It wasn't until the other day when I received a rather unpleasant e-mail that I had to re-examine my want for an all-in-one gadget. Had I been out for lunch I probably would have been sick to my stomach after getting that e-mail. When my cell phone is out of my purse, I'm constantly looking at it - whether it's for the time or a new text message. If my phone also chimed every time I got an e-mail: forget it. I'd never put the dumb thing down.

Several months ago, I spent about 2 hours one weekend putting different pictures and MP3s on my cell phone. I actually used the MP3 player for probably a week and haven't used it since. That's one thing I don't like about my cell phone - the MicroSD card is behind the battery, so in order to transfer music to my phone (it doesn't play well with my iMac at home via bluetooth) I have to power it down, and that gets annoying.

So I've decided I'm going to put off getting an all-in-one phone. That's one less thing for me to be impulsive about.

Actually, I still wouldn't mind getting one of these...After all, an internet tablet never hurt anyone.


RJ said...

the all in one gadgets are nice and I always recommend them.... for 3 reasons.

If I had to remember all of my meetings in my head, I'd miss half of the meetings... A sync with outlook and everything is on my phone.

I send/receive emails on my phone all day but I probably get more than the ordinary person...

And, being able to centrally manage my contacts via Outlook is great... The sync process just syncs the phone and outlook. I don't have to worry about whether my phone is up-to-date or whether outlook is up-to-date.

Aside from those three things (email, calendar, contacts), I don't use anything else... I had an iPhone for a while and I've had about 4 different smart phones... for one reason or another, I've hated all my other smart phones... so I dumbed down... I went to the Blackjack II and I love it.

It syncs all my stuff and delivers my email. And its a great phone.

Last thing: I bought a 4 GB card so I could store music... I never listen to music on my phone.