a different job.

I was browsing one of my favorite websites this morning and thought to myself - man, there are so many other things that I'm good at, maybe I should quit my job!

Okay, not really. Besides, a lot of these things that "I'm good at" wouldn't pay me a dime, but it's still fun to think I could make a full-time job out of some of these hobbies.

So, if they handed out college degrees for the following occupations, I'd probably be one happy, lazy, fat college graduate right now.

10 Other Jobs I Wouldn't Mind Having Right Now

1) Professional Web Surfer
Some people only hit up Facebook, MySpace, and Amazon.com. I hit up 10,000 other websites. You should see my bookmarks. It's embarrassing.

2) Professional Eater

I blame all the yummy food in this world.

3) Professional Smack Talker

No explanation necessary.

4) Professional Chapstick Hoarder

Or, if you want to be all PC about it, "Lip Balm Hoarder." I don't discriminate against any type of lip balm.

5) Professional Time Waster
I'd particularly like to employ watching movies, surfing the web and goofing off with Kyle as my favorite professional practices for this career choice.

6) Professional Receipt Collector
I'm really bad about doing this. I really should just be saving the earth and global warming and all that other hippie tree hugger stuff, but I find it more useful to save my redundant receipts from the Sam's gas pump.

7) Professional Over Reactor

No, not a nuclear reactor. They already have jobs. Far more important than a professional over reactor anyway.

8) Professional Target Clearance Aisle Shopper
Oh, don't even lie. You can't pretend you haven't been lured by those red price stickers.

9) Professional Trash Taker-Outer

Every Wednesday, like clockwork, I remove all the trash bags from every corner of the house to put them in the garage. (Kyle is the one who actually drags the giant trash bins to the curb) It's one of the few normal people things that I do, actually.

10) Professional E-Mail Addict

At least 20 times a day (discounting weekends) I check my e-mail. Okay, I'm sure there would be a lot of other people qualified for this job, too. Well, come to think of it, I'm not sure it's a job. I'm pretty sure it's more of a mental disorder and I probably need to seek professional help.


A friend of mine pointed out that #9 is actually a real job: a janitor. Thanks, Garrett. You apparently need to be pre-screening my posts from now on. ;)