a little blurb from work.

I can't lie about it, I enjoy it when my boss and producer are on the road and out of town. The office is peaceful, quiet, and the lack of drama puts me at ease, especially on this particular Wednesday.

Not a ton of changes have gone on in the past few weeks, but some are noteworthy:

1) I can now park my car in the garage. Hooray.
2) Ultimate Frisbee has started up again. We're two weeks in, and it's awesome. Good friends & fun times.
3) I got my hair cut. I now look like Sabra Johnson's distant cousin.
4) Kyle has just left for Boston. It's my first time home alone in our big house.
5) I've started watching Social Brew on Revision3. I'm obviously attracted to show's content, but the graphics and music mesmerize me. I also like Irene from the Real World.
6) I'm really really really looking forward to seeing OneRepublic at Riverfest.
7) I want to go on a vacation. Really, I do. Somewhere that's fun and tropical and in the US. With no crazy kids running around. Wish me luck on that one.

There's the monthly update. Embarrassing, huh? I just now realized I've had this blog for over a year and have posted on average, once every millenia. Sad.


Kat said...

1. Why couldn't this happen when I was there?
2. & 6. I am all over it!!
3. 1 word---AMAZING! Sister from another mister!
4. I did it.....so can you! Psalm 4:8.
5. Will have to take a gander!
7. I will gladly sit your house again for ya!

Kat said...

Number 1---Why couldn't this happen when I was staying there?
Number 2 and 6---I am all over it!
Number 3---AMAZING!
Number 4---I did it....you can too. Psalm 4:8
Number 5--Will have to take a gander
Number 7---I will gladly sit your house anytime.