happy mother's day.

Normally it's pretty tough for me to celebrate Mother's Day. Since my mom and I are separated by the Pacific Ocean, normally it's celebrated by sending off a sappy card (and it must be sappy, because they're her favorite), mailing her a gift, and of course, a phone call 13 hours before actual Mother's Day. Y'know, since Japan is 13/14 hours ahead.

Mother's Day doesn't seem as significant to me when I miss my mom all the time. I miss everything about her: her laugh, her adorable demeanor, the way she talks, her cooking, her smile, her advice, the list never ends. She was always the first to take in all my friends, and send them all home with leftover food in Tupperwares. (Well, Rubbermaid containers - those Tupperwares were 'spensive!) She was the one who knew when something was wrong. She was overprotective in a lot of arenas, but she was always supportive.

This post is dedicated to my wonderful mom, who I continue to learn more about and love every day. The little subtleties that make her unique are so dear to me. We share the same DNA - from our obsessive cleaning to our flat Filipina noses. But we're also different. For example, Mom will probably never see this post - she's not handy with the computer at all, and it's almost like pulling your hair out to get her to jump on Skype.

If you're familiar with HappySlip's videos, you'll see my mom in them. No, not literally. There are a few videos where Christine Gambito plays characters that represent different stereotypical Filipino family members, and the "Mom" fits my mother to a T.

So, for those of you who've never seen my mom, here you go.

Happy Mother's Day!