chivalry ain't dead.

There are a lot of lifestyles and choices people make that seem to be the norm in our society - going to college, getting married, having kids...I've got two of these three life choices nailed down, but by no means am I a die-hard advocate of all three. I don't believe everyone should go to college. (Though I loved my higher education) I don't believe that it's in everyone's future to get married, and I certainly believe that not everyone is meant to have kids.

But I would love to offer my opinion to those women out there who believe that chivalry is dead and that a good man is hard to find...Just date a nerd.

A geek. A dork. Whatever you call him. (For example, "Turd Ferguson" is a nice little made-up synonym from yours truly)

Yeah, I said it, and I'm absolutely fine with it, because I married one. Kyle and I were talking in the car on the way home from dinner about where we would be if we didn't have each other. Okay, "we" weren't really talking, "I" was really going on and on about how I'd probably be stuck with some loser whom I only adored because he gave me 5 minutes of attention on some day I was depressed, and he would probably have 4 baby mommas and shiny gold teeth.

That was an exaggeration. I think I have a little more self-respect than that, but I'd honestly be lost in the dating world nowadays, just like I was back in high school. At any rate, I have many reasons why I suggest dating a nerd - other than the fact that they make great husbands. Some of the following reasons may just be particular to Kyle, but he is the biggest nerd I know. =o)

1) They're sweet.
They're kindhearted, yet manly in a "I'm-not-REALLY-that-sensitive-but-secretly-AM" kinda way. They're sentimental and remember special things, like the day of the month when they first asked you out, or a line from your favorite movie. It's cute.

2) They're good at tech stuff.
This includes setting computers, TVs, DVD players, consoles, microwave ovens, and the like. And if it's got some sort of wiring or electrical parts and they've never attempted to fix/set it up before, they'll learn and master it, or at least die trying. (Okay, another exaggeration)

3) They don't do anything halfway.
It could be a house-project or trying a new recipe...among other things. They give it 100% ;)

4) They're loyal, and let you know it.
Any doubt that you're the only one for him? None here.

5) They're funny. Sometimes in an awkward way.
It may be witty banter about Apple vs. Microsoft or a silly sci-fi character impersonation. But still incredibly cute.

6) They're smart.
At least mine is. And he can do more than just simple math. This guy made me mad in school because I had to study my butt off for tests and he just remembered everything - even if it was from my notes.

Okay, I've only got 6 reasons in this post, but there are plenty others. I think the more I write about it, though, the more I lean toward who Kyle is more than nerds all over the globe. But still. Just wanted women out there to know...Chivalry ain't dead. It just comes in the form of a geek. ;)


g said...

You are so right. I need you to come along when I meet girls or go on dates, you could be my greatest advocate! :)