christmas gift links.

I haven't anything brilliant to say, but wanted to post something. It's been pretty busy between professional work and working on the house (both containing that miserable word, "work") so rather than fill this blog full of either subject, just thought I'd share some fun interweb links.

Uncrate & Outblush
I don't quite remember how I stumbled across these websites, but the inner shopaholic in me (although I can be quite frugal) goes absolutely insane over every little post. And stupid as some of the items may be, I want to buy all of them, either as gifts or for myself.

Candleholders, vinyl record bowls, and Coca-cola rings? Yes, ma'am.


This is just self-explanatory. For reasons such as this. And yes, I do have a wishlist there.

If you have ovaries, you should already know about this website.

Lots o' cute handmade stuff. Bags, mittens, buttons, stationery...and even Tetris earrings. Support your fellow craftsy folk!

An off-shoot store from Crate & Barrel that's intended for the not-so-spensive and much-so-thrifty in mind. Stuff for living, eating, decorating - in short - stuff for our new house!

Okay, time to go interweb Christmas shopping. Enjoy. ;)

PS - OneRepublic finally came out with their new (and first) cd. You must buy it. iTunes & Best Buy: $8. So go. Like, right now.


Anonymous said...

hey its les! ok i think i gotta set up an account so you know who is actually reading ur blogs daily!reading these blogs makes me miss those highschool days where we use to write long letters between classes and through email! i love these sites youve posted for holiday shopping! =) gives me great ideas! =) not only that one republic is great! i got it at bestbuy for $7.99! love them!