need a new mascara option?

You could always try painting a house. It only takes about 10 gallons of primer, and 6 hours later, voila - new white mascara.

We're almost there. The past three evenings I've been high as a kite from either the smell of primer or the fumes of spray paint, but I'm very aware that we are a week away from moving into our new house. And that's a feasible, doable, realistic thing. That's what blows my mind. We've set silly little timetables for the past several weeks, and now I can actually believe this one.

Tonight was a good, productive night, too. My wonderful friend Marquita came over to help me pack. I didn't anticipate getting as much done as we did, but boy did that feel good!!! Things are feeling emptier here at Kyle's parents' house, and the impending change is exciting.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful event, as it has been the past few years. It's odd just spending it with my in-laws and their friends, but I still do feel at home. Thanksgiving without my family makes me miss them even more...I'm always prompted with questions like, "So what does your family cook for Thanksgiving?" which opens up the floodgates of memories with my folks. The non-traditional Turkey day meal, with a little bit of of Filipino food and a little bit of American tradition: Lumpia and deviled eggs, potato salad and fried rice. Mmmmm.

Even better, was the fact that I did not go shopping on Black Friday. Yupsiree. I stayed in bed, bought a few presents online, ate, and took no part in the madness that is Black Friday. Last year's Black Friday event at Best Buy showed me I do not have the heart to do that ever again.

I also experienced the joy of witnessing the Hogs beat LSU. That was a very, very, nice experience as well.

I have no witty ending for this post, but a few pictures of two newly primed rooms at the new house. Enjoy. =o)

Living Room - Before

Living Room - After

Laundry Room - Before

Laundry Room - After