feliz lunes

I have to admit it's been one of the best Mondays I've had in quite some time. Work went well - there was no kicking and screaming (such is the case oftentimes when our boss goes out of town), we all were productive, cracked several jokes and made fun of each other, and no one had to stay late. Aside from an 8-hour wave of nausea, today was good.

This evening we made some more progress on the house, along with my father-in-law's help. I opted for wearing my "cow poo" boots instead of the norm (tennis shoes) and found them to be much more durable when working on the house. Normally when I wear my boots for more than 4 hours my knees and legs automatically give out and I crumple to the floor in a giant blob. This was not the case tonight. Kyle and Brad sanded while I ripped up plastic covering from the floor, cleaned up leftover popcorn ceiling and climbed on the kitchen counters to clean the top of them with the shop-vac. It was pretty gross up there - mixed in with the giant chunks of popcorn ceiling were roach droppings, dead bees, and spiders. Yuk.

I only had a few hiccups tonight: the flood light and the vacuum cleaner did not like sharing the same source of electricity and I blew the breaker twice. Then I kept accidentally running into the chandelier in the formal dining room.

But I was productive, and the things I needed to clean tonight were cleaned. I've had several people ask me when our final move-in date on the house is, and we've changed it a few times. So I'm tempted to just put a giant "TBD" sticker on my forehead. ;) Sometimes I'm optimistic about the house - other days, I feel as though we're never going to move in. I guess I just need to keep in mind how lucky we are to be in a place where we don't "have" to move out right away. Move-in, however, may not be this weekend, or the next...

But it will be before 2008, that I'm sure. If not then, send a search party, we may be buried underneath popcorn ceiling and spackling-dust.