random check-in.

It's been an interesting past several days. Work has me really crazy busy, among other things. Or maybe just crazy. I think I'm going to write in short blurbs tonight. Ooh, I think I'll throw in some bolded headlines for good measure.

Check Off The Lazy List

Paid Bub's car tax. Hooray! (finally paid it) Boo! (I don't like taxes)

Work, Work, Work

4 big shoots this week. Not one, which is manageable, but 4.


I've been letting go of the little things lately. The impact of little things can morph into a big ol' waste of time when you let it, I realize.

Bub has been making me laugh more and more lately.

I want to start writing music. This might be a little overkill for me, though. (looks over at untouched ukulele)

New Habits

Bub and I have been on a jalapeno chips kick. Those within a ten foot radius are disapproving.


I got a Skype wifi phone. I like it. It even works better than my getting-crappier-by-the-day cell phone. And I bought it used for $15. Score.

I also like to purchase things on clearance from Target. I bought a pair of cute pink sleep shorts with hearts all over for $3.50. Double score.

Wait, triple score for hearts.