attack of the screen grabs.

Baby Phat Barbie--err, Kimora Lee Simmons Gold Label Barbie Doll

(Via SeenON! Style)

Someone really needs to take away Kimora Lee's right to have ideas.

Okay, honestly? If I were a 7-year-old and was given this for my birthday, I would cry after finding out that Kimora Lee Barbie's coat was made out of my pet chinchilla's fur. Oh, Mattell, give me a break.

Inspiron Mini 9

I've been known to compulsively scream, "I want that!" at shiny electronic objects, and this little number made me shriek when I saw it.

(Via Dell)

Specs: 2.28 lbs, 8.9" glossy screen, 1024x600, BT, Wi-Fi, modest SSD, webcam, $350-450. It does simple, sleek, and small quite nicely. It gets the Net job done. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. It comes in white or black - I'll take mine in white, please.

Chuck Taylor X-Hi Canvas

I got my first pair of Chucks for Christmas last year-- the classic black Chuck Taylor All Star. Everyone and their mom (except mine) has them. I've recently become enamored with boxing shoes (don't ask), and these are like the next best thing. This pattern doesn't exactly suit my fancy, but I can always design my own!

Honestly, I'd like to try boxing shoes out as a fashion statement but I'm afraid Bub wouldn't let me out of the house.

That, and I might get laughed at.