i'm still alive. promise.

It's pretty lame that there are a few of my posts that begin with: "So, I haven't posted in awhile..." or "Sorry it's taken so long" or "It's been a crazy 12 years, but..."

Aha, but I won't start this post off that way! =)

My mind's thoughts are quite sporadic this evening (it could be the meds), so hopefully numbering my thoughts will be helpful.

1) I had a dream about Catherine Hardwicke, who will be directing the novel-turned-movie Twilight, which debuts in late November. (I'm a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga) In the dream, an old friend from college and I were in a giant mansion and I was grilling Hardwicke about why she chose to shoot the vampires "running" the way she did. I told her bluntly that I didn't agree with her technique. I then proceeded to tell her that I was a little wary that it would look hokey, but she continued to listen to me ramble on with pursed lips and inquisitive eyes. I felt embarrassed then, but she reassured me that she believes she did the film justice, and I gushed with excitement that it would be coming out in a few months.

I know exactly why I dreamed about Hardwicke. I was passing by Blockbuster yesterday afternoon and I considered stopping to rent Thirteen, a film that Hardwicke directed five years ago. I opted out since I had left my coupon at home, and apparently my mind wasn't going to let that one go easily.

2) I've been playing on the Wii Fit. I first played it a few months ago at a girlfriend's house, and then felt really silly that I hadn't pre-ordered it in the first place. I don't know, dropping $90 on something I wasn't sure if I'd like seemed pretty risky to me. But now that I've snagged one of my own, it's hard to tear it away from me. =)

3) I got a head cold last night and today was a lazy day of nothingness, sprinkled with a bit of sickly whining. My morning of laziness started out with rolling around in bed, being fed ice cream (it's a hard life, ain't it?), and then a sort-of marathon of Heroes season 2. I didn't watch any of last season, and now I'm playing catch up before the season 3 premiere. Then I played around with GarageBand in the office with my newly acquired (read: "stolen") M-Box and mic, watched way too many YouTube videos, cleaned the house a little bit, and watched Gossip Girl's season premiere with Bub. Oh, and before you pass any judgment, I have to say that GG is my guilty pleasure. Oh...so...guilty. =) I'm also looking forward to the series premiere of 90210, which would boost my CW-show-watching count up to a whopping "2".

4) Speaking of TV shows, there are a few shows that I'll be watching this fall, thanks to Hulu and "other avenues of entertainment acquiring." These include, but are not limited to:

The Office
House, M.D.
The Big Bang Theory
Grey's Anatomy
30 Rock
Gossip Girl

Newbies I want to check out
Kath and Kim

I'm sure if I had children, I'd be declared an unfit mother.

5) My poor cell phone is on its way out the door, as well. After charging my phone at night, the phone turns itself off. My battery dips down to 2 bars (out of 4) after a 30 minute conversation. Ugh...If you know my taste in cell phones, I like to hold on to my phone until I absolutely MUST get a new one. It takes forever for me to come up with a decision on a make/model, and it was no different with my current LG CU500. I do know for sure that I want my next cell phone to be a smart phone. That could be a Blackberry, Palm, iPhone, or whatever Android-based phone, if any, AT&T decides to roll out. I'm keeping my eyes peeled and ears open and I'm praying my phone doesn't crap out completely in the meantime.

6) Someone close to us has started seeing someone. I won't go much into details, but it's very different, and very new. I was both excited and nervous to meet her this weekend, but now I know why he likes her as much as he does. =)

7) I'm getting more and more excited as Christmas draws near. I can't wait to see my family again.

8) Work has been a handful. We need to hire another editor, ASAP. I don't want to rip my hair out. End of story.

9) I need a new book to read, and I think that book is "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain. Since our slew of restaurant shoots, I'm considering this a must-read. I've also learned that professional chefs have quite the interesting personalities. One particular local chef that I have in mind flashed me a dazzling smile one moment, then fired off a bunch of expletives shortly thereafter in the same 30 seconds.

10) A few songs I'm crushing on: "Energy," (Keri Hilson), "Crush" (David Archuleta), a cover of "Umbrella" (YouTuber Brad Doggett), and a cover of "Let Go" (YouTuber Kina Grannis).

11) I also have a few upcoming posts that I've pre-selected topics for, that I promise to kick out sooner or later:

Why I'm Hoping Twilight Won't Completely Suck
Social Networking? Don't You Mean, "Me, Me, Me"?
Confessions of a Chronic Creative

12) Link spam: I've also been watching That Media Show, a video podcast headed up by John Flowers. I love what this show is about, and I've been surprised to find that I am interested in every story in every cut. A little bit of Hollywood fluff, a little bit of compositing news, a little bit of RED details, all in the same show? Score.

Okay, I'm off to the Land of the Unconscious. The rambling had to stop at some point, right?


Bub said...

Sadly you had lunch in bed too :)
You need to feel better soon, you're more fun when you're up to 100% Capillyaness. It wouldn't hurt for you to have a dream about me every once in a while :)

Justincredible said...

Interesting. I would enjoy a post where you talk about what you watch and why you watch it. Liking Kath & Kim?