a blurb about the g1.

I've been waiting all year for the release of the first Android phone, and today, I was presented with T-Mobile's G1.

I'll keep this to "blurb" minimum, but after watching a few videos on the web, and reading some reviews, I'm pretty satisfied with this first generation model.

Some notes:

1) It certainly looks like a first generation model. Mostly made of plastic, it definitely looks cheap compared to the iPhone. Let's just be honest, the iPhone is pretty darn...pretty.

2) The G1's response time is faster than iPhone's when it's flipped to landscape or portrait mode.

3) Open source. Need I say more?

4) I'm still not a fan of that chunk on the bottom of the handset, but I understand why it's there.

5) Push is blazin' fast.

6) I'm a Google girl. I use the Apps. Yeah, ALL of them. Maps, Gmail, GCal, YT, you name it. So, no signing up for new accounts here. But it's a perk, not a necessity.

7) QWERTY. This is basically my biggest gripe about the iPhone. And a dedicated search button? Yes, please.

8) The OS has every opportunity to morph, update, change, shift, and evolve into what its consumers want it to be, and what its hardware is capable of. I like the sound of that.

Okay, still trying to keep this all to a blurb...But what makes me excited more than anything else about Android phones is that it adds more options to the buffet of a cell phone consumer's diet. Apple caters well to its loyal fanboys, but it's still having some trouble winning over another audience -- which I'm a part of. What's cool about the G1 is that it's just that -- the first generation of an upcoming slew of Android phones from multiple carriers. I'm ready for a real cell phone war to begin, folks.