eagle eye: alternate taglines

Just so we're clear, Eagle Eye's official taglines are:

Walk. Don't Run.
and If you want to live you will obey.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. After watching it at the IMAX last night, I came up with a few new ones. These are spoilerish. Read at your own will.

Eagle Eye: Because no one should EVER wrong a divorced mom.

Eagle Eye: Because one movie with exploding 18 wheelers is never enough for Shia Labeouf.

Eagle Eye: Where you can watch Rosario Dawson play a white woman.

Eagle Eye: Who knew playing a trumpet could be so dangerous?

Eagle Eye: For those curious about what it would be like to ride on a conveyor belt in a packing facility.

Eagle Eye: Where police car chases and continuity don't necessarily need to collide.

Eagle Eye: Where 51% confirmation does NOT make it right.


M.Sea said...

That was funny. Justin Vactor led me to your site. I think I will start reading your blog from now on.