my friends make me laugh.

I've noticed that depending on what social network you belong to, you'll find completely different ways people express themselves. On Facebook, you'll find people are always in the middle of doing something. Watching the DNC. Playing with their dog. Driving to Houston (while they probably shouldn't be texting at the same time). On Twitter, most posts are fairly witty or sarcastic. A quote of the day, a short, one-line movie review, a passive-aggressive smart aleck remark towards their coworker.

But for once, the funny stuff was restricted to my incoming text messages. Here I'll share my two favorite LOL moments of the day. =)

Back story #1: A friend of mine and her husband are expecting a child early next year, and she's found a handful of boys' names that she likes, but is having some difficulty coming up with girls' names. So I thought I'd help her out.

Me: "I'm watching America's Top Model. What do you think of Marjorie for a girl['s name]? Does that make you want to yak?"
Friend #1: "Marjorie does not make us want to yak, but it does make us want to butter our toast. :)"

Back story #2: Friend #2 works for a small agency that produces promotional material for the Air Force Base here.

Friend #2: "Hey, do you know anyone that has [Photoshop] CS3 for PC and Premiere for Mac?"
Me: "Nope. And CS4 is coming out later on this month."

The second one may not seem quite as funny, but I couldn't help but visualize my friend's blank stare, and equally interesting loud yell as she would say it. That, and for some reason every time I read the letters "OMG" I can't help but say "Oh emm gee" aloud to myself.

I love text messages. =)